SPIRITS OF THE DEAD by Edgar Allan Poe


Thy soul shall find itself alone

‘Mid dark thoughts of the gray tombstone —

Not one, of all the crowd, to pry

Into thine hour of secrecy:

Be silent in that solitude

Which is not loneliness, for then

The spirits of the dead who stood

In life before thee are again

In death around thee —  and their will

Shall then overshadow thee: be still.

The night — tho’ clear — shall frown,

And the stars shall look not down,

From their high thrones in the Heaven,

With light like Hope to mortals given;

But their red orbs, without beam,

To thy weariness shall seem

As a burning and a fever

Which would cling to thee for ever:

Now are thoughts thou shalt not banish —

Now are visions ne’er to vanish —

From thy spirit shall they pass

No more — like dew-drop from the grass:

The breeze — the breath of God — is still,

And the mist upon the hill

Shadowy — shadowy — yet unbroken,

Is a symbol and a token —

How it hangs upon the trees,

A mystery of mysteries!




“Dear Future Wife,


I have no idea who you are, but I’m at a point in my life where I really wish you were here. I’ve always promised myself that no matter what happened, I would never stop believing I’d find you. Some days that feels like a promise I made to a different person, because the person I was when I made it is someone I can barely remember.

I wish finding you was as easy for me as it seems to be for everyone else. I wish it were as simple as me growing up, meeting a guy, and eventually starting a family. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that it was never going to come that easily for me, and that’s mostly because I’m gay. I’m comfortable with that now, but I’ve lost a lot because of it.

The thought of finding you someday helped me get up in the morning when my lifelong dream in swimming fell apart because I, among others, couldn’t accept that I was gay. You kept me moving forward when I was too ashamed to stand up for myself, and when I let people look down on me because on the surface, I failed, and they couldn’t piece together why I didn’t live up to their expectations. When I had to pick myself up and start what felt like a whole new life from scratch, I did that because I knew you’d be in that life someday.

I get up every day and tell the world that I’m whole and complete by myself because I made it to where I am when nobody was there to help me. In many ways, I am, because I pulled myself out of a hole that seemed impossible to get out of. I did that for myself, but part of me knows I also did it so that someday I could be with you. Every day, week, or month that goes by I wonder when you’ll show up to tell me that climbing out of that hole was worth it.

After all I’ve been through, it’s hard to still feel like something in my heart is missing. No matter how much I can handle on my own, I know this is the one thing in the world that I can’t save myself from. I need you to save me from that. And it’s a terrifying thing for me to feel like I need anybody.

I wrote you this letter because someday I want you to know that no matter how hard things get, and how long I spend feeling like this, I would do it all again if it meant finding you. I would stand up in front of all the people I loved who broke me by telling me there was nothing good about me. I would relive all the nights I spent scared and alone after the people I needed the most told me that I didn’t have any worth. I would watch a 20-year-old dream shatter in front of my eyes and flash back to everything that almost destroyed me, because at the end of it all, it helped me find you.

I have no idea how, where, or when you and I will meet, but I know every time I start to lose hope I’ll remember that I’m not only keeping a promise to myself, but also to you. I’ll do everything I have to do to become who I need to be before I can meet you. I will never stop caring about people, even when it doesn’t make sense and even when they hurt me. Because one of these days, you’ll need me too, and I’ll be exactly who you need me to be when that happens.”

by Lauren Neidigh as appeared on the Huffpost


I am twenty-something and i love being here. actually, I would like to stick around this age for longer and enjoy the perks of being me but since life and time is a bitch, i might as well enjoy being in my twenties while they still last. But why should I and do I love this age?
1. I discovered I can actually borrow money from my parents without anyone raising eyebrows. As a matter of fact, they encourage it. Get into any money sucking activity and they will tell you to get some money from your parents and even if you have your own money, your parents will still give you a little extra something.
2.You are surrounded by creatives. this works in your advantage especially if you are a business, man… nearly all your friends are freelance something. a freelance writer, photographer, graphic designer and yeah, all these services are of course available to you way cheaper than they will be in the near future as you get older.
3. Yeah, you have a Students’ ID… You get tickets at cheaper prices. you don’t have to be in school for this long as you resemble the guy in the picture. In your thirties, tattooed by misery and beards, they do not work. so you have nicer hangouts at half the price.
4. Cheaper shopping. You can actually afford a lifestyle. i mean, what on earth will you need when living alone in your twenties?! there is virtually no budget and can survive on whatever scraps and bucks you have at your disposal. life gets wa cheaper as long as you are twenty-something.
5. You can sleep past 9am. Especially on a Saturday, where do you wake up to?
6. People are actually jealous of your life. Those younger than you, in high school, want to be as old as you and those older, stuck in their midlife crisis, wish they were as young as you. who would have thought?
7. I am looking for myself is actually an excuse. yeah, when you want to get away with some rowdy behavior, “I am still trying to find myself” is an excuse that works. try it out.
8. You have a perfect body. Yeah.
9. You can move in with your parents. Trust me, living by yourself is tough.
10. When your life hits a snag, you can go back to school. Without getting judged by anybody. As a matter of fact, they will think it is cool and encourage you to do it.
11. You can sleep at four and be up at seven. Yeah, comes with the body.
12. You don’t have to answer to anyone, about anything. This is probably the only time in your entire life that this will be true. It is a luxury to answer to yourself and no one else—no parents, no spouse, no children.
13. You can date. Date a little, or date a lot, whatever you desire. You can try different kinds of people and find romance with anyone you fancy. Everyone else is either married or too young.
14. You learn to be independent in every sense of the word. You only have yourself to rely on and it pushes you to grow and figure out things on your own

15. You actually get to spend time by yourself. Alone time is very important. and the only time you get loads of it is when you are in your twenties.
16. You can start the process of knowing your family and people around you. We spend most of our time away, call your mum and hang out!
17. Weird clothes. Yeah, this is the phase where you are looking for yourself.
18. You can spend days without shaving your beards or without makeup. Yeah, actually it becomes a thing when you are twenty something. It becomes cool when your beards are wild.
19.You build skills that will make you a better person and a better partner for when you find the right person. You learn to cook, budget, and be independent and comfortable on your own.
20.You have time to be creative and explore your passions. You can try out art and dance along with nearly everything else.


“Come sleep with me,
We won’t make love,
Love will make us.”
-Julio Cortazar


I have been in love. With you,
Tasted your lips. In dreams,
Had moments. Where,
Heaven is when I am with you,
And has made me wanna reach out, touch.
Love. You. Us.

Fear clouds each move I make,
For baby,
I don’t wanna break your heart,
I don’t wanna wreck you apart,
And if you dare,
Step closer to places that. Reek of I,
You will break. Into. Smithereens. Hurt,
And understand,
Why storms are named after people.
Do. Not. Become. Us.

Tug away. Snatch away.
Watch out. When, I kiss you,
For you are a flower. I am a bee,
I will land on the next pretty thing that comes along. I
I. love. You.
I. Wreck. You.

The perfect fit. Of I
You. Become,
Should not drive away your attention,
From the deceiver I am. Comparable,
Only to Morning Star. Felony.

Let me be,
Alone. Again. In. The. Cold.


Many refer to Shakespeare as a wizard, literary miracle among other names that seek to idolise and make him seem a demigod. After reading the man and carrying out a careful analysis of the work and art from the man from Stratford-upon-Avon, I came to conclusion that he is nothing but an overrated playwright. His poems are tremendous pieces for any aesthetic mind in any case and even if written by a different soul, a rose would have smelt better still.

Romeo and Juliet is undoubtedly Shakespeare’s bookmark in terms of his work but upon reading Pyramus and Thisbe, I feel awfully deceived. The tragedies are acutely similar and upon treading Merchant of Venice, I relate Antonio and Basannio to another similar-like Greek tale of friendship. Julius Caesar is more of a biography rather than a work of creativity. Two of Shakespeare’s writing years are said to be ‘lost’ as he simply ‘disappeared’ from the face of the earth. Methinks that in those two years,Shakespeare travelled across Europe ‘borrowing’ ideas and tales from other people with outstanding minds. It is no coincidence that he reached his greatest after this period!! If you are to read Plutarch as well as other writers of Shakespeare’s time, you’ll discover discover he borrowed plots, characterizations and ideas from them. He literally went up to borrowing dialogues from Plutarch for he knew nobody surpassed Plutarch in the writing of psychology and witty quotes. If the works had been copyrighted…

Many consider Shakespeare the patron of modern English as he supposedly ‘introduced’ the most English words, but contrary to that, Shakespeare falls way below expectation. John Milton (1608-74) introduced the most English words, 650 in total. Ben Jonson comes in second with 558 words and John Donnes closes in the Amazing Three with 342 words being accredited to him. Embarassingly enough, Shakespeare notches up a disappointing 229 words. So much for the faith!
P.S. Milton introduced words like pandemonium, debauchery, terrific, fragrance, lovelorn and healthy. They did not invent them per se but rather had them first on recorded use.

As Sigmund Freud once remarked, ‘No mortal man can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chapters his fingertips; betrayal oozes out of him from every pore.



Life is a transaction
You pay dowry for a wife
Then she runs you to your grave
For the little wealth and fortune left
The river gambles its waters to the clouds
Only to rain back helpless

Life is a transaction
And they say nature
Can’t take what you do not want it to
But God lends us life
Yet we are indebted to death
He claims what’s his
Before we settle and rest

Parents spending time and fortune
To educate their children their future
But end up miserable
Worse than their parents
Failures in their in their own field
But as one’s gone
Another’s born
And remember to forget not
Where there is hope,
Their lies the future.
Children are the future.